The trip

The trip


16 girls et 17 boys, between 19 and 31 years old


Lahage (Haute-Garonne)


June 25th – July 17th, 2022


Afropa e.V. is a German association that promotes afro-european understanding. Founded in 2003 by African people living in Dresden and other Dresdeners, The objective is to give to people from different origins a space for common activities, and encourage understanding between cultures. With now more than 50 members from ten nations, Afropa wants to stimulate an interest for the history, the culture and the social issues of the two continents, in order to understand each other better. Afropa work closely with refugees and migrants in the Saxony region.

Founded in March 2004, 3PA “Think, Talk, Share, Act”, is an association working in environmental education and training for the ecological transition. Its objectives are to promote and develop local actions and experiments, based on knowledge sharing, popular education, and on environmentally-friendly practices. Its action principles are the practical ecology and popular ecology. 3PA is an organization that thinks, suggests and tries out ideas about the ecological transition and circular economy.


YAMA is a crazy and unforgettable experience where we learn a lot about yourself, about others, and about the world. I would redo it without any doubt. I came back home delighted and changed, and with many more friends.



"I have gained experiance of self confidence in sharing my cultural background information which i was afraid in the beginning, fears of being judged and misunderstood. Luckily enough the group made me more comfortable and everyone was a lot understanding."



"I think it is important to join a group to evolve and progress together. It is also important that this group stays open to other people, so that everyone gains self confidence and make his or her contribution at each step of our lives."



I had to live this experience in a multicultural group so I have learned a lot of new things about other cultures : we shared music, food, etc. I had the opportunity to show the other people some parts of my culture.”