The trip

The trip


13 girls et 14 boys, between 18 and 30 years old


Lahage (Haute-Garonne)


July 17 – August 1, 2023


Afropa e.V. is a German association that promotes afro-european understanding. Founded in 2003 by African people living in Dresden and other Dresdeners, The objective is to give to people from different origins a space for common activities, and encourage understanding between cultures. With now more than 50 members from ten nations, Afropa wants to stimulate an interest for the history, the culture and the social issues of the two continents, in order to understand each other better. Afropa work closely with refugees and migrants in the Saxony region.

Founded in March 2004, 3PA “Think, Talk, Share, Act”, is an association working in environmental education and training for the ecological transition. Its objectives are to promote and develop local actions and experiments, based on knowledge sharing, popular education, and on environmentally-friendly practices. Its action principles are the practical ecology and popular ecology. 3PA is an organization that thinks, suggests and tries out ideas about the ecological transition and circular economy.

Comillas Pontifical University (Spanish: Universidad Pontificia Comillas) is a private Catholic higher education institution run by the Spanish Province of the Society of Jesus in Madrid, Spain. The university is involved in a number of academic exchange programmes, work practice schemes and international projects with over 200 institutions of higher education in Europe, Latin America, North America and Asia.

YSR aims to make a positive impact on people’s lives. Through sport, they bring people together and foster hope. Sports can break ethnic and religious barriers, thus creating a safe meeting space for cooperation between cultures where everyone participates and becomes a family. They work together to build people’s skills by promoting an environment conducive to continuous learning throughout the organization.

Jeanne Reyre has discovered Non Violent Communication at Terre & Humanisme in 2016. Since, she hasn’t stopped learning, with Passerelles (of which she is now an administrator) amongst others. She also participated in the NVC mediator training (École des médiateurs CNV, which became Institut Emergence).
And in 2021, she participated in the training to become Kind Communication facilitator.


“You feel like you're in a place that covers you. I really feel like I'm with a family. Everyone just keeps smiling, that's unbelievable!"



"I had never experienced that before. I met a lot of people, but here, it's a different story. I'm sure that is going to remain in my memory forever."



"Since I have arrived here, I learnt many things, from many cultures."



"They are invited in this project, but they are also contributors, and know that they can bring a lot to the community, from themselves, from what they have lived, from what they have done."


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